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SF Textures

Monday, November 12th, 2012

Not one, but two new textures sets this time, as extensions to the existing SF textures sets.

Dark SF Set 5 is a darker and slightly cleaner set that is partly a variant of the textures from Set 4. There are 45 textures in all, mostly at 512×512 in size.

Light SF Set 1 is a collection of relatively ‘clean’ science-fiction textures, for a more Star Trek or 2001 look to your builds. In part they are inspired by the Classic Traveller role-playing game, and some of them include a red bar motif that is intended to be reminiscent of the red bar from the Traveller rule books. There are 44 textures in all, mostly at 512×512 in size.

Both texture sets have stylistic similarities, with the Dark SF intended mainly for exteriors, and the Light SF set for matching interiors.

Here are previews of both sets, but check out the Dark SF and Light SF gallery pages to see the complete sets.

Dark SF 5, Sample 1

Dark SF 5, Sample 2

Dark SF 1, Sample 3

Light SF 1, Sample 1

Light SF 1, Sample 2

Light SF 1, Sample 1
The sets are available both in Second Life and Inworldz.

Second Life

Marketplace Website

Templar Creations Main In-world Store


InBiz Website

Templar Creations InBiz Page

Templar Creations Main In-world Store: Eole, 99/253/1200

Dark SF Textures, Set 4

Saturday, January 14th, 2012


The Future Looks Dark

Monday, August 3rd, 2009

A new collection of textures, this time with a Dark SF look to them, akin to the textures from Quake and similar games. As usual, there are 20 textures in the pack, in a mixture of sizes (the smaller sizes are usually designed to be tiled — set the horizontal and vertical repeats to 5 or more for good effect, especially on larger areas).

A few samples:

Dark SF Textures, Sample 1

Dark SF Textures, Sample 1

Dark SF Textures, Sample 2

Dark SF Textures, Sample 2

To see more examples, visit the store in-world, or visit the XStreetSL page.

Dark SF Textures, XStreetSL page

Templar Creations Main Store

In the main store, you will find the textures on the ground floor, just inside the main entrance.