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Dark SF Textures – Set 6

Sunday, November 9th, 2014

This new texture set is an extension to the Dark SF Textures Set 6, and adds 35 new panel textures, suitable for both interiors and exteriors, all at 512 x 512.

Here are a some previews, but check out the gallery page to see all the textures from the set.

Dark SF Textures, Set 6, Sample 1 Dark SF Textures, Set 6, Sample 2

The set is available both in Second Life and Inworldz.

Second Life
Marketplace Website:
Templar Creations Main In-world Store

Templar Creations Main In-world Store: Steampunk Isle, 109/206/22

Steampunk Textures – Set 9

Saturday, December 18th, 2010

Another set of Steampunk textures, following on from the Instrument Panel textures of last week. This is a collection of (mainly) wall and door textures, suitable for engine-rooms and exteriors.

A quick preview:

Steampunk Set 9 Sample 1Steampunk Set 9 Sample 2

As usual, you’ll find these on the SL Marketplace, and in-world at the Templar Creations store.

SL Marketplace page

Main Store

You’ll also find them in Inworldz, at the Templar Store at Tulare 134/220/22.