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Support SLUniverse

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

What is SLUniverse?

SLUniverse is a web-forum dedicated to Second Life and to other virtual worlds, and is one of the most successful and popular of the unofficial Second Life forums. It is also the home of the Snapzilla photo-site for sharing Second Life snapshots.

You’ll find it here:

Why does it need support?

SLUniverse is run by Cristiano Midnight, a long-time resident of Second Life, and is funded out of his own pocket, offset by advertising. Until recently there was significant income from Google’s AdSense service, but this has recently ended (click here for details).

As a result, the site has now become more expensive to run, and a group of merchants who are also members of SL Universe decided to do their bit to help out. Each merchant has assigned one item whose earnings will be passed to Cristiano as a contribution to support the forum.

Here is the forum thread with the full list of merchants and items.

For Templar Creations contribution, I am releasing the Japanese House Texture Collection, which brings together all 60 textures from the Japanese House texture sets 1 – 3. You will find it inworld at the main store. It won’t be available from the Second Life marketplace, because the marketplace takes 10% commission, and I would prefer that the whole amount went to SLUniverse.

Templar Creations Main Store


Japanese House Textures, Set 3

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

This is a new set of textures based on my previous Japanese House textures, this time with a painted red wood theme. There are 20 textures in this mostly, mostly at 512 x 512, but with a few at 256 x 512 for narrow panels such as doors.

You can see the whole set on the Gallery page but here is a preview of some of the textures:

As usual, you will find it on the SL Marketplace at  or inworld at the main store:

Second Life Marketplace page

Main Templar Creations Store


House Prices Fall

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

Yes, it’s not only in RL that property prices are coming down!

The three main prefab houses sold by Templar Creations have just had their prices cut in half, to L$250. Check them out on XStreetSL:

Japanese House:
Japanese House 2:
Moorland Cottage:
Japanese House

Japanese House

Japanese House 2

Japanese House 2

Moorland Cottage

Moorland Cottage

Japanese House and Textures, Set 2

Saturday, March 28th, 2009

Our Japanese House textures seem quite popular, so I’ve released a second set of them, along with a small prefab which shows off what can be done. You’ll find the house and the textures at the main store, of course, and also on the XstreetSL pages (see the links in the sidebar).

Here’s a quick preview:

Japanese House 2

Japanese House 2