Steampunk Textures – Sets 11 and 12

I’m starting the year off with not one, but two new texture sets, additions to the Steampunk Vessel collection that I have been building over the last few sets. These ones are designed as elegant interiors for vessels, and are based on wood (set 11) and white metal (set 12).

There are 30 distinct textures in each set, but there are also some additional transparent versions of the porthole and window textures.

Steampunk Texture Set 11, Sample 1

Steampunk Texture Set 11, Sample 2
Steampunk Texture Set 12, Sample 1
Find them on the Second Life Marketplace:

Or find them inworld in the main store. If you are an Inworldz resident, they can also be found at the Templar Creations main store there, at Tulare 134/220/22.

Templar Creations Main Store in Second Life

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