Castle Textures – Set 4

If you missed the TextureMania hunt, the Castle Textures set that was the gift from Templar Creations is now available for purchase.

The set of textures consists of miscellaneous stone wall and wood floor textures, designed for Castle builds (although many of the floor textures could easily be used in other kinds of builds).

There are 30 textures, all at 512×512 in size.

Here are a few samples, and you can preview the whole set on the Texture Gallery page.

Castle Textures Set 1, Sample 1

Castle Textures Set 1, Sample 1

As usual, you can find them inworld, at the main store, and on the XStreetSL site:

XStreet Page

Templar Creations Main Store

You will also find them at the Templar Creations store in Inworldz, if you are a resident there.

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