Victorian Interiors – Set 1, Take 2

An explanation and an announcement

Charity Tearfall posted a brief, complimentary review of the Victorian Interior textures on XstreetSL (thanks!), but suggested that it would be good if the windows were transparent.

Well, she’s right, it’s always useful for windows to be transparent!

Unfortunately, and as you are probably aware if you are a resident, Second Life has certain ‘issues’ with transparency, especially if one transparent texture is in front of another (and especially if they are slightly at an angle). There’s more about this in a previous blog post of mine, if you want the gory technical details. (Scroll down that post to read about “the dreaded Z-order bug”).

These days the situation has been made worse by the fact that many (most?) of the recent hairstyles in Second Life make use of transparency. I’m sure you’ve seen the odd effects which happen when these hairstyles get in front of windows or other transparent prims.

For that reason I’ve started avoiding transparency whenever I can.

But other builders in Second Life might (and obviously do!) have different views on this. So for them I’ve released a second version of the Victorian Interiors texture set, this time with transparent windows.

As usual, you will find it in-world at the Templar Creations store:

Templar Creations Main Store

You’ll also find it on XStreetSL, here:

Victorian Interiors – Set 1 – with Transparent Windows

And if you are in search of the original set, with opaque windows, you’ll find that here:

Victorian Interiors – Set 1

I hope that’s transparent enough…

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