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Steampunk Textures – Set 10

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

I’m clearly on a roll! Here is the next installment of the current collection of Steampunk textures, this time walls with pipes and portholes. There are 30 + 5 textures in all, the +5 being transparent versions of five other textures.

Steampunk Textures Set 10, Sample 1Steampunk Textures Set 10, Sample 2

You’ll find them on the Second Life Marketplace, and of course in-world at the Templar Creations main store in Second Life, as well as at the store in Inworldz, at Tulare 134/220/22.

Second Life Marketplace Page

Templar Creations Main Store

Steampunk Textures – Set 9

Saturday, December 18th, 2010

Another set of Steampunk textures, following on from the Instrument Panel textures of last week. This is a collection of (mainly) wall and door textures, suitable for engine-rooms and exteriors.

A quick preview:

Steampunk Set 9 Sample 1Steampunk Set 9 Sample 2

As usual, you’ll find these on the SL Marketplace, and in-world at the Templar Creations store.

SL Marketplace page

Main Store

You’ll also find them in Inworldz, at the Templar Store at Tulare 134/220/22.

Steampunk Textures – Set 8

Sunday, December 12th, 2010

This is the first of a new set of textures designed for Steampunk vessels, and will be followed up by sets of wall textures for engine rooms and for living quarters (you can catch a glimpse of one these in the sample picture below).

There are 40 textures in all, at 256×256 size. They tile seamlessly, although they are really intended to be used on single panels (as will probably be obvious).

Steampunk texture set 8 example

The set isn’t available in Inworldz yet, but probably will be later today. See the update below.

For Second Life, you can pick up a copy at the Second Life Marketplace, or in-world at the main store (you’ll find it on the second floor).

Second Life Marketplace Page

Main Store

Update: The set is now available in Inworldz, in the Templar Creations Main Store at Tulare 134/220/22.