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Steampunk Textures – Set 9

Saturday, December 18th, 2010

Another set of Steampunk textures, following on from the Instrument Panel textures of last week. This is a collection of (mainly) wall and door textures, suitable for engine-rooms and exteriors.

A quick preview:

Steampunk Set 9 Sample 1Steampunk Set 9 Sample 2

As usual, you’ll find these on the SL Marketplace, and in-world at the Templar Creations store.

SL Marketplace page

Main Store

You’ll also find them in Inworldz, at the Templar Store at Tulare 134/220/22.

Castle Textures – Set 5

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

It’s been a while, but finally here is a new texture set, and several more are on their way.

This one is another set of castle walls, with a few flagstone floors as well.  There are a couple of walls with windows, and these come in opaque and  transparent versions.

You can see them all in the texture gallery, and here’s a quick preview:
Castle textures example

As usual, you will find them online at the store, and also in the Second Life

Second Life Marketplace page

Main Store (in-world)

You will also find them in Inworldz, in the Templar Creations Main Store at Tulare 134/220/22.

In other news
Ah yes, the new Second Life Marketplace website. It replaces XstreetSL, and  broke all the links from my texture galleries. Fun. I think I’ve now corrected all the links, so clicking on the gallery thumb-nail pictures should now take you to the right page.

Castle Textures – Set 4

Sunday, August 8th, 2010

If you missed the TextureMania hunt, the Castle Textures set that was the gift from Templar Creations is now available for purchase.

The set of textures consists of miscellaneous stone wall and wood floor textures, designed for Castle builds (although many of the floor textures could easily be used in other kinds of builds).

There are 30 textures, all at 512×512 in size.

Here are a few samples, and you can preview the whole set on the Texture Gallery page.

Castle Textures Set 1, Sample 1

Castle Textures Set 1, Sample 1

As usual, you can find them inworld, at the main store, and on the XStreetSL site:

XStreet Page

Templar Creations Main Store

You will also find them at the Templar Creations store in Inworldz, if you are a resident there.

Inworldz Store

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

Second Life is not the only game in town when it comes to virtual worlds. Amongst the various worlds that are based on Second Life technology, Inworldz is currently expanding rapidly and attracting a lot of attention, so I have decided to set up a store there and contribute to the growing community.

If you are an Inworldz resident, you’ll find the store at Tulare, 136/222/22.

Yes, sorry, no SLURLs for Inworldz yet, so you’ll have to open the map and do a manual search! If you are new to Inworldz, be aware that it is still in beta, so come prepared for it to be occasionally a bit unstable, and to be missing some features. It’s still well worth a visit, though, and there are usually plenty of friendly people at the welcome area to help you get started and introduce you to the world.